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HRDnet Portal Malaysia

The HRD Portal is a web training portal where training community meet to perform various training activities online. All employers (HRDF and non-HRDF) are welcomed to become the member of the portal. However, training provider’s subscription is only opened to those registered with PSMB only. The main objective of this portal is to facilitate training activities among training providers and employers by leveraging on the usage of ICT. Training portal is one of many PSMB initiatives to promote training and retraining among employers.

Facilities offered to Participating Training Providers

The HRD Portal serves as a promotion agent for training providers to continuously market various types of training programmes to employers. The portal facilitates training activities by offering online services to identify suitable training programmes, register, negotiate, process and confirm sales of training services between training providers and employers. The HRD Portal enables training providers to promote themselves better and be more cost effective in order to remain competitive in the globalized trading environment.

Benefits Offered to Employers

HRD Portal is more than just a `Yellow Pages of Training’ to employers. It provides employers with various types of latest information on training programmes conducted by numerous training providers. It also enables employers to register online with the training providers. With the information at their fingertips, employers would be able to plan and address their training needs more effectively.

Human Resource Employment Opportunuties

The Human Resources and Employment sector offers a lot of job opportunities and career options for you if you are qualified in these areas. You will be involved in recruitment, interviewing, training, professional development and related areas for the people of a company.

Your responsible is crucial to ensure the job satisfaction among its employees is observed at all times. This is the section which will explain to you in detail what these jobs entail and what you can expect from them.

Learn about what other professionals have experienced in their respective careers and how you will be able to grow in this industry.

Malaysian Government Jobs

Working for the government is an extremely beneficial career option if you like public service. There are endless possibilities as you can be qualified in almost any field to be part of the public service sector of the country.

From educators to land surveyors or even political secretaries and officers, you can be part of any ministry, agency or government department. Among the factors that make the government jobs so attractive would be its education and medical benefits.

Learn about the processes involved in applying for jobs in this sector and what you should be aware of when sending in your applications.

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Jobseekers – Registration in is absolutely free of charge and hassle free. Submit your resume and any other supporting documents you have for free. Join the community today and have your resume seen by thousands of potential employers.

Malaysia Sales Jobs

A career in sales can be highly lucrative and satisfying if you know what you are selling and you like what you do. It must not be confused with the job of a salesman although the dynamics could be similar.

If you like meeting people and can always convince others to believe in your product, then a career a sales could well be your perfect choice. Here is where you can check out the many options and career paths you can take through a journey in sales and what are the companies and industries that offer sales jobs that are exciting with high remuneration.

Education Job in Malaysia

The education sector is seen as one of the most stable industries because education is always needed whether it is in the private or public schools.

If you have the qualifications in an area-specific level and would like to venture into education as your career path, there are lots of opportunities especially in Malaysia where this industry is booming.

Find out what the salary scale is like for the qualifications you have and which institutions are best known for teaching. Learn from the experts about what you can expect and what the traits that are needed to be an educator are.

Banking Job in Malaysia

A career in banking and finance is one of the most lucrative and stable in any country. This includes related areas like stock exchanges, bourses and securities where there are countless job and career opportunities to consider.

If you are comfortable with figures and is able to analyze the market well, then a career in banking, finance and securities could well be the right direction for you.

Find out about the available jobs and areas of expertise that are currently in demand as well as what type of companies offer such jobs. On top of that, make an assessment on the salary scale and see how much you can earn.